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Accupumb Lagging Tool

Accupumb Lagging Tool

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Plumbers!, ready to elevate your game? Meet Lag Cut Pro – The Ultimate Precision Tool for Flawless Foam Pipe Lagging!

🔧 Effortless Precision: Perfect cuts every time.
📏Fits 15mm and 22mm Foam Insulation
👷Durable and Reliable: Built for lasting performance.
⭐Professional Results: Elevate your craftsmanship

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From 'meh' to 'Yeah!'

Lag Cut Pro takes the hassle out of foam pipe lagging!

Precision at its peak – Discover why we're unrivaled! 🏆

Perfect cuts every time

With Lag Cut Pro, say goodbye to uneven and crooked foam cuts. This top-notch tool guarantees impeccable results with its consistent and precise cutting, giving you the confidence to tackle any foam pipe lagging project effortlessly and flawlessly.

Time-saving precision tool

Lag Cut Pro is your ultimate time-saving companion, streamlining foam pipe lagging tasks with its efficient and accurate cutting. Say farewell to manual measurements and guesswork, as this precision tool swiftly handles the cutting process, allowing you to complete plumbing projects in record time.

Take your plumbing skills to new heights.

Elevate your plumbing expertise with Lag Cut Pro, the tool that empowers you to achieve unparalleled precision and professionalism in your foam pipe lagging. Whether you're a seasoned plumber or a DIY enthusiast, this advanced tool enhances your capabilities, resulting in seamless installations that impress every client.

Compact design easily fits into any tool bag

Lag Cut Pro's compact and space-saving design makes it a breeze to carry in your tool bag, ensuring you have this essential tool at your fingertips for every plumbing job.

Simply unrivaled in precision.


  • Precise Angled Cuts

  • 30 Day Guarantee

Effortless 45-Degree Cut

The Most Common Cut, Perfected: Easily Create Smooth 45-Degree Angled Cuts with Lag Cut Pro – Your Go-To Tool for Precise and Professional Foam Pipe Lagging Installations.

Perfect Tee Cuts

Masterful Birdsmouth Cut: Tackling the Trickiest Cut with Ease! Utilize Lag Cut Pro's Birdsmouth Opening for a Precise and Snug Fit Around Copper Tees – Effortlessly Achieve the Perfect Tee Cut!

Seamless Tee Union Cut

Achieve a Seamless Union: The Reverse Birdsmouth Cut, Designed to Fit Snugly with the Birdsmouth Cut, Ensuring a Smooth and Professional Finish

The results are a testament to its excellence.

See What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • "Life-Saver for Foam Pipe Lagging!"

    "Flawless installations made easy. Lag Cut Pro is a game-changer for any plumber! Highly recommended."

    Jake H.

  • "A Professional's Dream Tool!"

    "Finally found the perfect solution for foam pipe lagging. The Lag Cut Pro has made my work so much easier, and the cuts are always spot-on. Highly recommend it for any plumber!"

    Mike D.

  • "Worth Every Penny!"

    "I've been in the plumbing business for years, and this tool has saved me time and headaches. The Lag Cut Pro's birdsmouth cut feature is incredibly useful. It's now an indispensable part of my toolkit!"

    David S.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Experience the quality and effectiveness of our Lag Cut Pro and Pipe Level Pro tools at AccuPlumb. With our 30-day money back guarantee, shop worry-free. Should our tools fall short of your expectations within 30 days of purchase, contact our customer support for a full refund

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