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Drain Down Hose Holder

Drain Down Hose Holder

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🔧 AccuPlumb Van Rack for Drain Down Hose - Red Edition

Streamline your plumbing setup with our vibrant red AccuPlumb Drain down hose holder. This intelligently designed two-part holder effortlessly secures to ply in your van, creating a tidy storage space for your drain down hose.

Space-Efficient Design: The two identical parts, one above the other, provide a secure and snug fit for your drain down hose, optimizing van space.

Easy Accessibility: Keep your drain down hose within arm's reach for quick access during plumbing jobs. No more rummaging through clutter or getting tangled!

Durable and Stylish: Crafted in eye-catching red, our holder not only stands out but is built to withstand the demands of your plumbing adventures.

Effortless Installation: Mounts easily on ply in your van, providing a sleek and practical solution for hose management.

Upgrade your van organization with the AccuPlumb Drain down holder - because efficiency should always travel with you! 🚐🔧

Order yours now and experience a new level of convenience on the job!

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See What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • Review for AccuPlumb Van Rack for Drain Down Hose:

    "A game-changer! The red van rack not only adds a pop of color to my workspace but keeps my drain down hose neat and accessible. The two-part design is genius, optimizing my van space. A must-have for any plumber!"

    Joe R

  • Review for AccuPlumb Dual Holder for Gas Bottles and Blow Torches:

    "Exceptional quality! This holder is a lifesaver, keeping my gas bottles and blow torches secure during transit. The dual design is perfect for staying organized on the job. AccuPlumb delivers again!"

    Jordan L

  • Review for AccuPlumb Silicone Tube Clips - Set of 4:

    "Simple and effective! These clips are a dream for organizing my silicone tubes in the van. The snap-fit design ensures they stay put, and the customizable placement makes them a versatile addition to my van setup. Highly recommend!"

    Ste S

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